Life Changes / Wake Up Call.

Well this semester was a big wake up call for me, I had to take a step back and examine my life, I had to except that not everything goes as you planned it too, shocker right? Well for the first time since I began college 5 years ago now I finally felt like I “failed” at something, of course now I know that I didn’t. I know now that sometimes in life you’re just not good at something and that is OKAY. You just have to find what you are good at and give it your all. So let me tell you what I am actually talking about. I went to Germanna and earned my Associates degree in Information Systems Technology, then I transferred to UMW I chose to major in computer science but one I started taking the classes for my major I realized that I did not enjoy programming, in fact I hated it. However, I felt like I had come to far to start over, and I felt bad if I stayed in school longer and cost my mom more money, which I knew she wouldn’t mind but I just didn’t like that feeling. This semester I hit my breaking point with programming. After doing tutoring, and working my but off in only the 2nd level I had to step back and ask myself am I ever going to be able to pass these classes and even graduate, I had already pushed back my graduation due to having to retake a programming class and I knew I couldn’t do that for the rest of my school career. After many talks with my mom I decided to drop my programming class, and finish my other classes and then look into other options for school. I decided to go back to Germanna this summer and for the next year because overall I plan to transfer to ODU and get my Bachelor’s in Information Systems Technology and they have an online program that you can complete everything online. I chose to go to Germanna for another year because 11 of the classes for my Bachelors I can take there and transfer in and if I take two additional classes at Germanna I can earn another Associates degree which is a win win situation. I know overall I made the right choice and I am so happy now. My stress levels have decreased dramatically and I just feel overall happier. 

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